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Debian testing: add notes from sprint discussion.
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[Vulnerable source packages in the testing suite](
and the
[Candidates for DTSAs](
+ At first glance it seems totally doable for Foundations Team
+ members to run (e.g. locally) a lightweight fork of Debian's
+ security tracker:
+ - Problem to solve: list security issues that affect Tails (last
+ release, current stable and testing branches) but are fixed in
+ current Debian testing/sid
+ - Point it to our relevant APT snapshots (and perhaps current
+ Debian testing or sid instead of Tails devel, to avoid having
+ to resolve the "latest" unfrozen snapshot)
+ - Add our own annotations about issues we decide to
+ ignore/postpone.
+ - Filter packages based on some relevant build manifest so we
+ don't ever see packages we don't ship in Tails.
+ - Automatically merge from Debian's repo and report to us in case
+ of merge conflicts.
* more freeze exceptions in order to address security issues
+ * need to keep our stable branch in an always releasable state
+ ⇒ the tracking & cherry-picking of security issues must be done
+ continuously, and not only right before a planned freeze or release
+ * when the updated package from Debian testing/sid is not
+ installable on current Tails stable/testing, we'll have to
+ backport security fixes
- Transitions
* How to deal with
@@ -79,7 +100,12 @@ part of a broader community.
- Consequences for users
* too many software regressions and not well tested new features
* confused users due to constant incremental changes
- * bigger upgrades on average
+ * bigger upgrades on average: according to research done on
+ [[!tails_ticket 14622]], we should assume ~600MB large IUKs;
+ there will be consequences in terms of:
+ - RAM requirements: XXX
+ - download time: XXX
+ - download reliability ⇒ add a retry/continue mechanism to Tails Upgrader?
* our users debug Debian testing on top of debugging Tails
- Drawbacks for contributors & the Tails community
@@ -103,7 +129,10 @@ part of a broader community.
of changes like 2.0 or 3.0
- Additional Software Packages: will they be pulled from current
- testing or from our snapshot?
+ Debian testing or from our snapshot? Can we tell APT to install by
+ default from Debian testing, unless it's impossible or problematic
+ (e.g. would remove tons of packages) and then fall back to
+ installing from our snapshot?
# The plan