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Minor fixes to changelog.
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@@ -2,16 +2,16 @@ tails (0.14~rc1) unstable; urgency=low
* Major new features
- gpgApplet can now handle public-key cryptography.
- - Install the an additional, PAE-enabled kernel with NX-bit
+ - Install an additional, PAE-enabled kernel with NX-bit
support. This kernel is auto-selected when the hardware supports
it and will:
* provide executable space protection, preventing certain types of
- buffer overflows.
+ buffer overflows from being exploitable.
* enable more than 4 GiB of system memory.
* make all processors/cores available, including their
- power-saving functions.
+ power-saving functionality.
- Add a persistence preset for NetworkManager connections.
- - Enable Tor stream isolation; several new SocksPort with
+ - Enable Tor stream isolation; several new SocksPorts with
appropriate Isolate* options have been added for different use
cases (i.e. applications). All application's have been
reconfigured to use these new SocksPorts, which should increase