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Test suite: make installing old version of Tails quicker (refs: #16004).
It's way quicker to copy the old version of Tails using its USB image instead of starting it from DVD and cloning to USB. Use the implementation of the usb-install-tails-greeter checkpoint, with a few variations (old Tails USB image, and different device name). Also, instead of removing the USB device at the end, trigger a proper shutdown of the computer (the emergency shutdown would be triggered anyway).
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@@ -18,21 +18,21 @@ Feature: Upgrading an old Tails USB installation
When I start Tails Installer
Then I am told by Tails Installer that I "need to use a downloaded Tails ISO image"
- # XXX: take a shortcut and write the USB image directly to a USB drive
+ # Installation method inspired by the usb-install-tails-greeter
+ # checkpoint, variations are using the old Tails USB image and a
+ # different device name ("old" instead of "__internal")
Scenario: Installing an old version of Tails to a pristine USB drive
Given a computer
- And the computer is set to boot from the old Tails DVD
- And the network is unplugged
- And I start the computer
- When the computer boots Tails
- And I log in to a new session
- And all notifications have disappeared
And I create a 7200 MiB disk named "old"
And I plug USB drive "old"
- When I install Tails to USB drive "old" by cloning
- Then the running Tails is installed on USB drive "old"
- But there is no persistence partition on USB drive "old"
- And I unplug USB drive "old"
+ And I write an old version of the Tails USB image to disk "old"
+ When I start Tails from USB drive "old" with network unplugged
+ Then the boot device has safe access rights
+ And Tails is running from USB drive "old"
+ And there is no persistence partition on USB drive "old"
+ And process "udev-watchdog" is running
+ And udev-watchdog is monitoring the correct device
+ And I shutdown Tails and wait for the computer to power off
# Depends on scenario: Installing an old version of Tails to a pristine USB drive
Scenario: Creating a persistent partition with the old Tails USB installation