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Test suite: fix the incremental upgrade test.
Beside the image bumping due to the new font we use in Stretch, we also take steps making Tor bootstrap more reliable in the upgraded system. It used to be unreliable because the IUK sets a very wrong release date, and we use it in our time syncing.
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@@ -167,8 +167,10 @@ Feature: Upgrading an old Tails USB installation
Then Tails is running version 1.1~test
And all persistence presets are enabled
And the file system changes introduced in version 1.1~test are present
+ # Our IUK sets a release date that can make Tor bootstrapping impossible
+ Given Tails system time is magically synchronized
When the network is plugged
- And the network connection is ready within 30 seconds
+ And Tor is ready
And all notifications have disappeared
# Regression test on #8158 (i.e. the IUK's filesystem is not part of the Unsafe Browser's chroot)
And I successfully start the Unsafe Browser