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Avoid set -u issue when testing if variable is set or not.
Whenever there's a risk that we will reference a shell variable in a script run with `set -u` (including libraries that we sources from such scripts) we must reference the variable in a way so it gets a default value, i.e. `${VAR:-}` to give it the empty string as the default (which is what generally makes sense). In particular, it's quite clear that in all cases where we do something like `[ -n "${VAR}" ]` or `[ -z "${VAR}" ]`, where an expected value is the empty string, which could mean that the variable is not initialized, we should give such a default (as the empty string).
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@@ -72,6 +72,6 @@ find "$TOR_TRANSLATION_DIR" -name '*.po' | while read po_file; do
# Update PO files
-if [ -n "$AFTER_IMPORT" ]; then
+if [ -n "${AFTER_IMPORT:-}" ]; then