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build-tails: update comment.
First, the base branch merge is not done in auto/build anymore: it's been done in auto/config for a while. Second, auto/config now merges the base branch via the desired commit ID ($BASE_BRANCH_GIT_COMMIT), so it does not _directly_ need origin/$base_branch to be a valid ref. Instead, it now relies on $BASE_BRANCH_GIT_COMMIT to be set by our Rakefile.
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diff --git a/vagrant/provision/assets/build-tails b/vagrant/provision/assets/build-tails
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--- a/vagrant/provision/assets/build-tails
+++ b/vagrant/provision/assets/build-tails
@@ -88,9 +88,11 @@ cd "${TAILS_GIT_DIR}"
# they were on our own "origin" remote, (i.e. under the origin/$REF
# name), even if it's untrue (our own "origin" is amnesia.git and has
# only one local ref, which is the branch we work on and that it has
-# checked out as a local tracking branch). We need this for the base
-# branch merge we do (if the 'mergebasebranch'/TAILS_MERGE_BASE_BRANCH
-# option is set) later in auto/build.
+# checked out as a local tracking branch). This allows
+# git_base_branch_head(), that's used by Rakefile to set
+# $BASE_BRANCH_GIT_COMMIT, to do its job: without this, it would not
+# have access to the state of the base branch because it would not
+# have any ref for it.
git config remote.origin.fetch +refs/remotes/origin/*:refs/remotes/origin/*
# Ensure we have the same Git state as on the host