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Fix typo.
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diff --git a/vagrant/provision/assets/build-tails b/vagrant/provision/assets/build-tails
index ea25d45..7ead5cd 100755
--- a/vagrant/provision/assets/build-tails
+++ b/vagrant/provision/assets/build-tails
@@ -100,7 +100,7 @@ git fetch origin "${GIT_REF}"
# just fetch it above, but for any other ref (read: branch) the local
# checkout could be very out-of-date, or worse: it may not even exist,
# making any attempt at merging the base branch below fail. We work
-# around this by fetching the ref that the host's origin (most likely
+# around this by fetching the ref from the host's origin (most likely
# the official Tails repo) where the base branch refs must exist and
# be as up-to-date as possible (i.e. since the host's last fetch).
if [ "${TAILS_MERGE_BASE_BRANCH}" = 1 ]; then