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Add some bootloader info wrt. ARM.
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-## coreboot
+## Chromebooks
-Ships in Chromebooks.
+On Chromebooks, one can "flash" a custom bootloader in the place where
+the kernel would usually be found by the embedded bootloader.
+This allows booting an OS in a more "traditional" way than what the
+included bootloader requires, and brings a number of advantages, such
+as: ability to edit the kernel command line, booting from external
+storage without pressing CTRL+U (if that bootloader is installed on
+the internal storage), bootloader menu (think "Troubleshooting Mode").
-There's apparently a "legacy boot" mode that makes it "easy" to boot
-another OS than ChromeOS. It is provided by the
-[SeaBIOS]( payload of coreboot.
+More information:
-## others?
+## Coreboot
+Sadly, the "legacy boot" mode that makes it "easy" to boot another OS
+than ChromeOS, thanks to the
+[SeaBIOS]( payload of coreboot, is not
+available on ARM.
+XXX: is Coreboot or U-Boot installed on ARM Chromebooks?
+ lists only X86 devices.