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GitLab: better describe issue ID constraints and random ideas we had
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### MUST
-* For every existing Redmine issue, the meaning of `#NNNN` MUST be
- preserved unambiguously. (This probably implies that we can't have
- a GitLab issue with the same ID.)
+* For every existing Redmine issue, the meaning of its `#NNNN` ID MUST
+ be preserved unambiguously. This implies that we can't reuse
+ existing Redmine issue IDs in our main GitLab project, where most
+ issues will live.)
* [[!tails_ticket NNNN]] and
<> links MUST point
- or — possibly transitively, via a placeholder issue — redirect to the
- relevant GitLab issue.
+ or — possibly transitively — redirect to the relevant GitLab issue.
+ Implementation idea: start with a static web redirector, and then:
+ - This is sufficient to solve the problem for issues imported into
+ our main GitLab project, if they have the same ID as they used to.
+ - For issues imported into another GitLab project, we either need
+ extra redirection rules based on a mapping from Redmine issue IDs
+ to GitLab (project, issue ID) tuples, or placeholder issues on
+ GitLab that handle a second redirection step (GitLab might handle
+ the redirection iself when an issue is moved from one project to
+ another)
* Preserve issue private/public status. Given GitLab's permissions
model, this implies that some issues MUST be migrated to another
- GitLab sub-project than the default one; for details, see the
- "Private issues" section above.
+ GitLab project than the default one where most of our issues will
+ live; for details, see the "Private issues" section above.
Example: [[!tails_ticket 10346]]