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GitLab: plans for private notes
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It looks like GitLab does not support private comments.
+ XXX (intrigeri): check if it's OK to publicly leak the fact that
+ someone (unspecified) posted a private note on an issue, along with
+ the corresponding timestamp. To list all private notes, grouped by
+ user:
+ ./redlab discuss --verbose -C --private-notes
+ - 2019-11-20: asked the 10 affected users if they consent with leaking
+ this information publicly.
+ If folks don't consent to this infoleak, we'll add a link from the
+ GitLab issue description to the privately archived Redmine, and to
+ follow an old discussion, one may want to systematically follow this
+ link to ensure they did not miss a private note.
* Preserve issue assignee
It is acceptable to require assignees to manually create their