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GitLab: start drafting specification proposal
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@@ -132,7 +132,8 @@ fixed automatically, either via a webhook or a scheduled batch job.
- One can set multiple labels so we could perhaps merge "Category"
and "Affected Tool". For example, a ticket about Thunderbird
persistence could have the two "C: email" and "C: persistence" labels.
-- Log time → Time tracking
+- Log time: was enabled as an experiment, not actively used anymore;
+ contributors can use GitLab's Time tracking if they wish so.
- Due date → Due date
- Starter → dedicated label
- Tracker: drop it (we've never really taken advantage of the fine
@@ -203,7 +204,7 @@ within a team or the overall Tails project.
In GitLab, the closest equivalent to Redmine custom queries is the URL
of an issues list or issues board filtered by assignee, milestone,
-and/or label.
+and/or label.
We will need ways to share these URLs and ideally, to name them.
We can do that on the GitLab project's description (home page),
@@ -258,17 +259,99 @@ want to migrate our blueprints to GitLab's
## Specification
+Note: some of what follows still needs to be negotiated with the
+Tails community.
+### Scope
+* issues in the [Tails Redmine
+ project](;
+ data from other projects does not matter to us
+### MUST
+* For every existing Redmine issue, the meaning of `#NNNN` MUST be
+ preserved unambiguously. (This probably implies that we can't have
+ a GitLab issue with the same ID.)
+* [[!tails_ticket NNNN]] and
+ <> links MUST point
+ or — possibly transitively, via a placeholder issue — redirect to the
+ relevant GitLab issue.
+* Preserve issue private/public status. Given GitLab's permissions
+ model, this implies that some issues MUST be migrated to another
+ GitLab sub-project than the default one; for details, see the
+ "Private issues" section above.
+* Preserve parent/subtask relationship in a way that GitLab will
+ enforce, i.e. prevent closing the GitLab issue corresponding to the
+ Redmine parent issue, as long as one of its subtasks is
+ not completed.
+ Implementation idea: a GitLab issue imported from a Redmine issue
+ that has subtasks could have a list of tasks (checklist), with each
+ subtask being an item on that list; ideally, the status of each such
+ Redmine subtask (closed or open) should be reflected as the status
+ of the corresponding GitLab checklist item (completed or not).
+* Preserve the "Blocks" and "Related to" information.
+ It's OK if the "Blocks" semantics from Redmine (if X blocks Y, one
+ cannot close Y until X is resolved) is not enforced by GitLab.
+ Implementation idea: add the "X blocks Y" information in the
+ description of issues X and Y and/or as comments on X and Y.
+* Preserve the "Related to" relationship.
+* Preserve issue status:
+ - "Confirmed" → open, "1. To do" label
+ - "In Progress" → open, "2. Doing" label
+ - "Needs Validation" → open, "3. Needs Validation" label
+ - "New" → open
+ - "Duplicates" → closed, "Duplicate" label
+ - "Rejected" → closed, "Rejected" label
+ - "Fix committed": assume this status does not exist on Redmine anymore
+* Preserve "Target version" → Milestone
+* Preserve the "Feature branch" information.
+ Adding this information as-is in a comment would be good enough.
+* Preserve Category, Affected Tool, Priority, Type of work: XXX
+ (probably with labels, see "Other issues metadata" section above)
+* Preserve any true "Starter" boolean value.
+ Implementation idea: dedicated label.
+* Preserve attachments
+* Convert Textile to Markdown.
+* Preserve watchers → participants.
+### Information that can be lost during the migration
+See "Other issues metadata" section above for some discussion about why.
+* Log time
+* Due date
+* Tracker
+* % Done
+* Estimated time
### To be triaged
Relevant features — to be triaged as MUST/SHOULD/MAY:
-* Preserve issue IDs so `#nnnn` should retain its meaning and links
- like [[!tails_ticket 15878]] can be easily redirected.
-* Preserve issue private/public status.
-* Convert Textile to Markdown.
-* Preserve watchers.
+* Private comments.
* Preserve issues relationships.
-* Preserve other issues metadata.
+* Preserve other issues metadata: XXX see list above
* Does not require global GitLab administration token.
* Does not require SSH access to the GitLab machine.