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Add (mostly empty so far) section about risks of regressions.
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`grub-install` copies `bootia32.efi` to `boot.efi`, to better support
old Macs.
+Risk of regressions
+Here we discuss the risk of regressions, for hardware that previously
+booted Tails just fine, if we shipped a 32-bit UEFI boot loader in our
+hybrid ISO image.
+XXX: I (intrigeri) am waiting for answers by an expert in this domain.
+What we know so far:
+* Early Intel Macs cannot boot from a DVD with more than one El Torito
+ boot record. But we're not considering supporting EFI boot off DVD
+ yet, so for now it's a non-issue. And when we'll have to consider
+ supporting this feature, chances are that most such machines are
+ dead anyway.
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Potential hardware