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UX and developers
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+Potential issues that might or might not have happened already.
+From the developers point of view:
+ - Being told to do stuff without understand exactly why.
+ - Lack of synchronize between conception and development process. You
+ end up discovering UX issues too late.
+ - Cost-benefit ratio.
+ - Implementation starting too fast (lack of design) or, the other way
+ around, UX ideas bring in deep technical or security problems.
+From the UX point of view:
+ - Developers are defensive (not important, not acknowledging the
+ problem).
+ - Lack of input from developers about technical feasibility, security,
+ maintenance, etc.
+Fundraising and management point of view:
+ - Hard to prepare grant proposals without having input from both
+ sides.
+ - Hard to evaluate the time needed to implement changes. Sometimes you
+ know the problem already (sometimes not) but it's hard to know the
+ precise solution in advance.
+ - Hard to split responsibilities and for people to feel as working as
+ a team.
+ - UX tend to work more with big increments, involving user testing in
+ between while developers work with small increments and self or
+ automated testing so it might be hard for them to acknowledge the
+ need for more increments after their stuff works.
+Different mind sets:
+ - Developer: you want something that works, that's a binary result.
+ - UX: you want something that is used.
+ - Difficult to make these two worlds communicate and agree on the
+ efficiency of a product.
+ - Improve our contribute section for developers to mention UX and
+ technical writing [[!tails_ticket 9926]]
+ - Ask feedback to the "other" side as soon as possible, or actually
+ better, work together from the beginning.
+ - Involve all actors in each grant proposal: designers, writers,
+ coders, sysadmins, etc.
+ - Find ways of involving developers in the UX process (user testing,
+ user feedback, etc.)