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Blueprint: mention PackageKit (refs: #14594).
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1. When installing a new package, either through the command line or
through Synaptic, the user is asked whether she wants to make it
+persistent. XXX: long-term wise, we should probably focus on _GNOME
+Software_ instead of _Synaptic_; if something works for both, fine,
+but the PackageKit D-Bus interface might be easier to support than
+hooking APT/dpkg, so one option would be to only support installation
+& removal done via PackageKit (i.e. either with _GNOME Software_ or
+using `pkcon` on the command line) and not operations done directly
+with `apt` or _Synaptic_.
2. When removing a persistent package, the user is asked whether she
wants to remove it from the list of persistent packages.