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Add a possible solution for build and test job chaining.
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These are all supported by JJB v0.9+.
+One solution that could work and won't require more additionnal plugins
+to manage could be to make an extensive use of the EnvInject plugin in
+the same way we already use it to configure the notification. Then we
+would be able to simply use Jenkins' native way of chaining jobs:
+ * At the beginning of the build job, a script (in our jenkins-tools
+ repo) is collecting every necessary parameters defined in the
+ automated test blueprin and outputing them in a file in the
+ /build-artifacts/ directory.
+ * This file is the one used by the build job, to setup the variables it
+ needs (currently only $NOTIFY_TO).
+ * At the end of the build job, this file is archived with the other
+ artifacts.
+ * At the beginning of the chained test job, this file is imported in
+ the workspace along with the build artifacts. The EnvInject pre-build
+ step uses it to setup the necessary variables.
+Where I'm not sure is that the Jenkins's native way can collaborate
+smoothly with the EnvInject plugin. Maybe the different steps we are
+talking about don't happen in an order that would fit this scenario.
+Might be that we'll have to use the ParameterizedTrigger plugin. Might
+also be that we don't need the EnvInject plugin in the test job, but
+just import the variables in the environment in the test suite wrapper
Passing parameters through jobs