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work on this.
1. Custom notifications when a build fails: the one currently sent
lacks some useful information.
-2. Request a mailing-list where buildbot would send its build
+2. Request a mailing list where buildbot would send its build
failure reports.
3. Move to a "build in a throw-away VM" approach, so that a given
build cannot taint future ones.
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@@ -68,7 +68,7 @@ Mozilla and others:
* [tutorial](
* The main bindings are Python, but there also are a Ruby client and
Perl bindings in the [Git repo](
-* The LDTP dev mailing-list is very quiet, and it's unclear whether
+* The LDTP dev mailing list is very quiet, and it's unclear whether
GNOME still uses it, or instead switched to dogtail.
## misc