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This was a good base for reflection but is not so useful now.
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-Involved tools
-[[!img tools.png link=tools.fodg]]
-- **Debian Hacker** corresponds to a path on the command line only. Its
- main benefit is to go through the **Debian keyring** verification
- which is the strongest verification technique that we propose.
-- **Debian** is a path for Debian derivatives where Tails Installer is
- available. That will be the case of Ubuntu starting from 15.10,
- Debian Jessie backports, and Debian Stretch ([[!tails_ticket 8805]]).
-- **Other OS** is Windows, Mac OS X, Fedora, etc.
-- **OpenPGP with Debian keyring** are command line instructions for verifying the
- Tails signing key against the Debian keyring.
-- **Extension from Debian** takes for granted that the ISO verification
- extension will be available in Debian ([[!tails_ticket 8822]]). This
- might not be the case and then people would fallback on **Extension
- from browser**.
-- **GNOME Disks** now has a "Restore Disk Image" feature which can be
- used to copy an ISO image onto a USB stick and is widely available.
-- **UUI** has been our canonical installer on Windows for years.
-- **DiskUtils** should be tested on Mac, unfortunately it doesn't work
- for us ([[!tails_ticket 8802]]).
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