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-[[!meta title="Donation campaign for 2016"]]
-Here are the ideas we had were we initially drafted the plan. The
-splitting and structure of the different posts is unclear but we should
-cover more or less:
-1. Thank you!
-Regarding the writing style, I would stay we should be:
- - Short but not too much. Something you can read in 2 minutes, some
- 300 words, etc.
- - Make people understand better our work, how we function, and why we
- need this money (instead of asking for it for charity). This implies
- being informative and backing up our words with facts and figures
- (budget, past achievements, etc.)
- - Cross-reference previous blog posts in the campaign.
- - Try to be visual (graphics, screenshots, photos, etc.).
- - Maybe include template for tweets.
-Our plans for the coming years
-As part of our ongoing donation campaign, we already explained you [[why
-we needed donations]] and [[how we use these donations]]. Today we are
-sharing with you our plans for the next years:
- - **Easier adoption**
- - **Revamp Tails Greeter**: make it easier to configure Tails when starting ([[!tails_ticket 5464]])
- - **Rethink the installation and upgrade process**: take a step back and reflect
- on the future of Tails Installer, the installation on Windows and
- Mac, and automatic upgrades ([[!tails_ticket 11679]])
- - **Graphical installation method for Mac OS**: what would it take
- to document tools other than Tails Installer to do a graphical
- installation from Mac OS? ([[!tails_ticket 11682]])
- - **Explain better what Tails is** and what makes it so awesome ([[!tails_ticket 9814]])
- - **Security hardening**
- - **Reproducible build of the ISO image**: protect users and
- developers from a malicious build of our ISO image ([[!tails_ticket 5630]])
- - **Persistent Tor state**: have persistent entry guards ([[!tails_ticket 5462]])
- - **HTTPS mirrors**: serve our downloads over HTTPS only ([[!tails_ticket 9796]])
- - **Persistent seed for random number generator**: have better entropy and stronger crypto ([[!tails_ticket 7675]])
- - **Browser fingerprint**: compare and reevaluate the web fingerprint of Tor Browser inside and outside Tails ([[!tails_ticket 5362]])
- - **Community**
- - **Web platform for translators**: make it easier to translate our website ([[!tails_ticket 10034]])
- - **Social contract**: guiding principles that reflects the commitment to our ideals ([[!tails_ticket 11669]])
- - **Personas**: study and describe our user base to take better design decisions ([[!tails_ticket 11162]])
- - **Improvements to WhisperBack**: make it easier and faster to answer support requests ([[!tails_ticket 9799]], [[!tails_ticket 9800]])
- - **Sustainability**
- - **Tails based on Debian Stretch** ([Tails 3.0](
- - **Better server infrastructure**: to handle our growing needs on continuous integration and have a backup server ([[!tails_ticket 11680]], [[!tails_ticket 6185]])
- - **Test Tails on ARM**: starting with a few Chromebooks supported by Debian ([[!tails_ticket 11677]])
- - **Tails on tablets**: specify what upstream projects (GNOME, Debian, etc.) should work on to help porting Tails to tablets and smartphones ([[!tails_ticket 10039]])
- - **Fundraising**
- - **Have more reliable and steady sources of income**
- - **Depend less on grants from governments**
- - **New applications and features**
- - **Graphical interface for the Additional Packages persistent feature**: allow users to customize which applications are available in their Tails ([[!tails_ticket 5996]] [[!tails_ticket 9059]])
- - **Backups**: provide a graphical tool to backup the persistent volume ([[!tails_ticket 5301]])
- - **Screen locker**: allow users to lock their session with a password ([[!tails_ticket 5684]])
- - **Tails Server**: run onion services from Tails (VoIP chat rooms, collaboration tools, web servers, messaging servers, etc.) ([[!tails_ticket 5688]])
- - **Tails Verifier**: allow verifying whether a Tails installation has been corrupted ([[!tails_ticket 7496]])
- - **TrueCrypt support in GNOME**: graphical utilities to mount TrueCrypt volumes ([[!tails_ticket 11684]], [[!tails_ticket 6337]])
-These are all items that we find important and will to prioritize. But making
-them a reality will require lots of work, time, and money; on top of all the
-day-to-day work that we do to simply keep Tails alive.
-If you want us to get there faster, please take one minute to make a donation.
-<div id="donate-button">[[Donate|donate#roadmap]]</div>
-French journal Mediapart supports Tails, others should too
-We are very excited to announce that
-[Mediapart](, an independent French investigative
-journal, has decided to support Tails financially every year.
-[[!img mediapart.png link="no"]]
-In the past years, Mediapart has played a central role in the revelation
-and investigation of several major French political scandals. As such
-they are well aware of the digital threats faced by their sources,
-their journalists, and their readers.
-Tails has gained recognition by being used by Edward Snowden and the
-journalists reporting on his NSA leaks in 2014. [According to Barton
-« *Privacy and encryption work, but it's too easy to make a mistake that
-exposes you. Tails puts the essential tools in one place, with a design
-that makes it hard to screw them up. I could not have talked to Edward
-Snowden without this kind of protection. I wish I'd had it years ago.* »
-Since then [[many journalists around the
-world|news/who_are_you_helping#journalists]] understood this approach
-and adopted Tails to make it easier to stay safe. As Jean-Marc Manach
-puts it:
-« *War reporters have to buy helmets, bullet-proof vests and rent
-armored cars; journalists using the Internet for their investigations
-are much luckier: to be as secured as war reporters, they only have to
-download Tails, burn it on a CD, install it on a SD card, and learn the
-basics of information and communication security, and it's free!* »
-In the same way that news organizations invest in physical security or
-proprietary software tools to do their work, news organizations should
-also invest in free software tools that, as [security experts like Bruce
-have repeatedly stated, are going to be safe:
-« *I think most of the public domain privacy tools are going to be safe,
-yes. [...] I think that Tails is going to be safe. [...] You know, the
-NSA has a big lever when a tool is written closed-source by a for-profit
-corporation. There are levers they have that they don't have in the open
-source international, altruistic community. And these are generally
-written by crypto-paranoids, they're pretty well designed.* »
-As such, Tails has been the recommended secure platform
-for use with the [SecureDrop]( and
-[GlobaLeaks]( whistle-blowing platforms.
-Talking about the challenges of the adoption of encryption by
-journalists, the Internet freedom expert [Christopher Soghoian said
-at #EncryptNews](, a
-conference on digital security and journalism:
-« *News organizations need to also contribute to this community pool of
-tools. We need to have [reporters] contributing patches to PGP, OTR, and
-Tails. These organizations need to be funding $5k or $10k improvements
-to make these tools better. Because everyone is relying on these tools
-and none of the major organizations that are actually benefiting them
-are actually contributing to their development.* »
-Mediapart is the first news organization to officially endorse Tails
-and answer our call for donations. We hope they are not going to be the
-If your organization is also interested in becoming a regular donor,
-please contact us at [[]] ([[OpenPGP
-<div id="donate-button">[[Donate|donate#mediapart]]</div>