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@@ -46,8 +46,7 @@ Building an ISO from the `devel` branch always uses the freshest set
of APT repository snapshots available. Resolving what's the latest one
is done at the beginning of the build, so that the entire build uses
the exact same state of these repositories. This is needed for
-reproducible builds, and has a nice side effect: so long, `Hashsum
-mismatch`, and thanks for the fish. (Implementation detail: in
+reproducible builds, and has a nice side effect: so long, `Hashsum mismatch`, and thanks for the fish. (Implementation detail: in
practice, this pointer resolution is done early in `auto/config`, so
that we can 1. specify the snapshots we want via `lb
config --mirror-{bootstrap,chroot}`, which `lb build` uses to generate