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* if a set of APT repository snapshots is encoded directly in that
branch: use them, even for
+XXX: add special handling of deb.tails.b.o, that we need since it's
+the repo where we can sneak freeze exceptions in. In theory it's not
+related to our great APT repository snapshots plans, since it has its
+own snapshots mechanism already, but ideally we would integrate it
+into the new system entirely?
## Different problems ⇒ different solutions
Note that:
@@ -423,8 +429,8 @@ time soon. Time will tell.
- * seed from existing mirror not managed by reprepro: use `_detect`
- as suggested on <>
+ * use `Log:` in `conf/distributions`? deployed (20151030), let's look
+ at it and reconsider in a few weeks
* use `Tracking:` in `conf/distributions`?
* use a leading dash for `Update: - ...` in `conf/distributions`?