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this among
d. **done** mirror relevant suites of deb.tails.b.o as well
d. **done** publish the snapshots over HTTP
- d. **WIP** clean up Wheezy packages (hint: snapshots)
+ d. **done** clean up Wheezy packages (including those referenced by
+ snapshots)
+ e. **done** publish the snapshots' serial over HTTP
+ (e.g. <>)
e. manage symlinks or rewrite rules for URL → reprepro filesystem
layout (cf. "APT vs. reprepro: dist names" below)
e. try using such snapshots for building an ISO
@@ -56,10 +59,6 @@ little value.
e.g. using the "merging" strategy (documented on
that is `Remap-tails` with no `TargetURLs` list.
- e. publish the snapshots' serial: a file is updated, now needs to
- be published over HTTP
- e. verify that snapshots newer than 20160311 have the expected
- `Valid-Until` field in their `Release` file
d. implement list of sticky snapshots that must not be GC'ed,
including the tool to add to that list
e. implement GC of snapshots