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to be
* `tails-prepare-tagged-apt-snapshot-import`, aka.
[[!tails_ticket 10749]] (`puppet-tails` repo):
- - When loading the list of available packages in time-based
- snapshots, skip symlinks that reprepro generated for us
- (e.g. stable → jessie). Then, the generated reprepro
- configuration will only inject the packages in dists with
- codenames (e.g. "jessie"), and once we run reprepro to
- generate the tagged snapshot it will create the symlinks
- in there ⇒ tagged snapshots are usable both via "stable"
- and via "jessie" dists.
- - `reprepro update` in `target/conf` fails with:
- Multiple distributions with the common codename: 'updates'!
- First was in ./conf/distributions line 137 to 143,
- now another in lines 145 to 151 of ./conf/distributions.
- There have been errors!
- ⇒ `tails-prepare-tagged-apt-snapshot-import` should
- generate a set of reprepro configuration per mirrored
- archive
- - `tails-prepare-tagged-apt-snapshot-import` should take two
- parameters: a manifest, and an output directory
- support for multiple architectures? needed for multiarch
that we'll have to use as soon as we want to upgrade Linux
to 4.x, see
@@ -138,12 +118,6 @@ little value.
h. for some Tails release: generate manifest, import packages into
tagged snapshots, try building *offline* with these tagged
snapshots [i]
- i. have debootstrap 1.0.73+ in all our build environments so that
- we get the `deburis` file, that's needed to build our packages
- listing; same for `libfile-slurp-perl` and `liblist-moreutils-perl`
- - Vagrant basebox
- - Jenkins slaves
- - done: manual build doc
j. convert custom `data/debootstrap/tails-wheezy` into a patch,
or set up the process to update/replace it in the future [i]
k. Update the