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+*This page contains research on possible roadmaps. It is not highly relevant
+Possible roadmaps
+0. **done** Decide what DM and language / UI toolkit we will use for the
+ greeter in Wheezy
+0. **done** Adapt following plans accordingly
+0. Gather more input from people who have strong opinions about the
+ t-g UX: the idea is to encourage work on the greeter by bringing
+ early positive input rather than late negative feedback.
+ This should happen in [the dedicated
+ thread](
+0. Clarify specifications (see the *Design* section above)
+ 0. research a bit the pending questions
+ 0. raise these topics for discussion among Tails developers
+0. Implement plan A or plan B
+0. Update documentation
+0. Send software and documentation for translation on tails-l10n
+Plan A - incremental UI changes
+The idea is to draft a new possible version first, and then we can
+decide whether we want to ship it right away, or create other options
+and benchmark them through a full-blown usability study.
+Alan committed to lots of things in this plan, but not to
+any deadline.
+0. Ask for ideas
+0. Propose one or several prototypes
+0. **Next thing to do**: make some testing happen by various kinds of
+ users
+0. Extract something useful from the result
+0. Implement the chosen proposal in a dedicated branch of the greeter
+ repo
+Plan B - full UI rewrite with usability study
+0. Design and sketch prototypes
+0. Organize a usability study
+0. Implement the winner idea