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More on the best way to ask for bridges
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- What do we do with the NetworkManager applet?
- Do we allow changing or visualizing the current settings?
- - What's the best UX for people in danger if they don't use bridges?
+ - What's the best way of asking for bridges, keeping in mind
+ situations where people might be at risk if they don't use them?
- Lunar's proposal: Say you're at risk in the Greeter, then configure
bridges in the session.
- other possibility: Do everything in the session (offline mode and MAC
spoofing could still be optional settings in the Greeter), if so how?
+ - if we have persistent network configuration (for example bridges) per
+ local network, then this might conflict (or duplicate) the fact of
+ asking about bridges in the Greeter
+ - bridges might be needed on a give local network but not on
+ another, would it be possible to ask about that *after* selecting
+ the local network?
- Could we, technically speaking, do something more useful about the failure
of MAC spoofing than disabling the interface? in the Greeter? in the session?