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@@ -149,6 +149,7 @@ An evaluation of some of them [has been done
Possible candidates:
* [entropy gathering daemon]( not packaged into Debian.
* [twuewand]( used by Finnix LiveCD, packaged into Ubuntu only.
* [timer entropy daemon]( not packaged into Debian
@@ -170,7 +171,7 @@ very well be that this case do not happen anymore. And if it is, we need to know
on average how much time that blocking would last. [Sycamoreone] [[!tails_ticket
-### Use the Tails installer to create a better seed
+### Use the Tails installer to create a better seed [[!tails_ticket 11897]]
Tails installer can be used on Debian and Ubuntu, and maybe in the future on
Windows and OSX, we could use their PRNG to generate a presumably better
@@ -223,10 +224,16 @@ As a side point, we could try to integrate the created code with
the persistence setup (althought it is made in Perl), and also we might
locate it in the Tails Python library.
+### Regulary check available entropy and notify if low
+An idea that has been mentioned several time is to have a service that
+check if the available entropy is high enough, and notify the user if
+it's not the case.
## Related tickets
This is about [[!tails_ticket 7642]], [[!tails_ticket 7675]],
-[[!tails_ticket 6116]], and friends.
+[[!tails_ticket 6116]], [[!tails_ticket 11897]] and friends.
## References