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more info on tor messenger and dino-im
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@@ -86,6 +86,7 @@ The client must support SASL authentication.
* It has support for "temporary XMPP accounts" that require no
registration (no user input!) which would be useful for our support
channel (see [[!tails_ticket 11307]]).
+* Tor Messenger provides Linux packages but is not in Debian :(
* FWIW: Tor Messenger got 30K USD funding in 2017!
* FWIW: anonym has been happy using it exclusively for chatting since
September, 2016.
@@ -113,8 +114,7 @@ The client must support SASL authentication.
* implemented in GTK+/Vala
* supports XMPP and OMEMO; OTR support is
[not high on the todo list](
-* should be [[!debpts dino-im desc="in Debian"]] when you read this
- ([[!debbug 860055]])
+* is be [[!debpts dino-im desc="in Debian"]] experimental
* the Debian maintainer wants to add an AppArmor profile and got in
touch with intrigeri about it