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Strategic planning: implement decision from 2018-06 meeting.
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@@ -102,6 +102,8 @@ put dot in favour of it, while one attendee put a dot against it.
this and abide by our [[contribute/working together/Code of conduct]]
([R, consensus])
- I want to find things on the website without the 90s experience [UX, +2]
+- Make it easier to switch between a Tails contextual identity and
+ another identity outside of Tails
## Needs discussion
@@ -112,7 +114,6 @@ put dot in favour of it, while one attendee put a dot against it.
- Users can give feedback to help improve UX [UX, +1-1]
- Tails is easily customizable [UX+B, +2-2]
- Tails should be endorsed (sponsored) by (meta-) state institutions (EU?) [R, +1-3]
-- Containers/separated identities without rebooting [R, +1-1]
- I can meet Tails people in person [I, +1-1]
- The Tails project can be trusted [I, +2-1]
- Funding from government independent organizations [I, +2-2]