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Move the bug reporting feature to MAY, and better specify it.
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@@ -28,7 +28,6 @@ SHOULD
* provide support for Git standard development branches (devel, stable,
and testing) but we could also agree upon translation only master
through this interface
-* provide some kind of bug reporting feature for missing strings, missing pages, wrong or outdated translations
* provide checks for inconsistent translations
* provide feature to write/read comments between translators
@@ -47,3 +46,8 @@ MAY
- to translators whenever a resource is updated
* respect authorship (different committers?)
* provide statistics about the percentage of translated and fuzzy strings
+* Letting translators report about problems in original strings, e.g.
+ with a "Report a problem in the original English text" link, that
+ e.g. results in an email being sent to -l10n@ or -support-private@.
+ If we don't have that, then [[contribute/how/translate]] MUST
+ document how to report issues in the original English text.