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Add a few guidelines.
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@@ -8,6 +8,9 @@ and are not attractive to potential users. They want to play a role in fixing
this, by building a bridge between the designers, graphics artists, and UI
experts community on the one hand, and the FOSS people on the other hand.
Here are a few exercises that we could propose them:
- Start Tails and end-up in an environment in their favourite language.
@@ -23,3 +26,13 @@ Here are a few exercises that we could propose them:
- Go through an incremental upgrade.
- Create a document and save it encrypted on your Tails USB stick.
- Find something useful you could do for Tails.
+* We should focus on things *we* can improve. E.g. we can easily
+ improve Tails Greeter, but we won't redesign Pidgin OTR ourselves.
+* Participants to the usability testing session will be first briefed
+ about what Tails is about, and its main distinguishing properties.
+ However, one should not assume they are used to handling security
+ concepts such as contextual identities, anonymity set and all.