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Clean up bits from the early blueprint
- The UX and scope questions are well scoped now in the proposal to the funder and in the research questions. - Support for *creating* volumes is not in the scope of the proposal to the funder.
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[[!meta title="Add TrueCrypt support to GNOME Disks"]]
- * Selling points++: can benefit Debian, Ubuntu, Qubes OS and Subgraph
- OS users. Not only Tails.
- * We only aim to support _unlocking_ TrueCrypt volumes. If there's
- time left we can add support for _creating_ them, but it's not a
- hard requirement.
- * GNOME Disks seems file-backed TC volumes are very commonly used, so
- it's a use case we probably *must* support. But our user survey
- (see below) will confirm this hypothesis.
- * Ideally it should work just the same way it does for LUKS volumes
- (they appear in Places, and can be unlocked via Files), so no
- UX/design is required for block-device-backed volumes… but
- file-backed volumes are different.
- * GNOME Disks has an "Attach Disk Image" feature, so it definitely
- has support for loop/file-backed storage devices. Still, it's not
- 100% clear how hard it will be to add TC unlocking support in
- there, so we need time to evaluate that, and if it's hard, to
- evaluate other tools (zulucrypt-gui at least) in terms of
- functionality & usability, before we can decide which tool we will
- provide to unlock file-backed TC volumes.
- * GNOME Disks does not have something equivalent to creating a fresh
- disk image (not based on an existing disk) so we'd need to add that
- if we have time to support _creating_ file-backed TC volumes.
- * It's not 100% clear to us what exact set of features are needed for
- supporting existing TC volumes in Tails. E.g. do we need to support
- nested, hidden, file-backed volumes? It might be that some features
- are very little used, and very hard to implement. So we'll do a
- need-finding survey and an evaluation of the implementation cost;
- these two sources of info will allow us to do a cost/benefit
- analysis and to decide what exactly we will support. (E.g. it's not
- completely clear how to fit in opening TC hidden volumes in GNOME
- disks (may need to input *two* passphrases). So it would be easier
- to focus on getting support for non-nested volumes
- only... especially if actual Tails+TC users do not use this
- feature, so we shouldn't spend time on it any way.)
User research