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@@ -46,18 +46,23 @@ Results of the online survey on *file storage encryption*
- 40% of Tails users are also VeraCrypt users, both inside and outside
- 60% of Tails+VeraCrypt users only use VeraCrypt outside of Tails.
+ - Most of Tails+VeraCrypt users are regular users of VeraCrypt.
- VeraCrypt is of more interest to people who are not using Linux as
their primary operating system.
- VeraCrypt is still a reference when people think about encrypting
- - Most of Tails+VeraCrypt users are serious and regular users of
- VeraCrypt.
- - *« When I move files between Windows and Tails, I have to remove the
- TrueCrypt encryption and copy the files unencrypted to another USB
- stick. Then I have to securely delete the files from the USB stick
- and that takes a lot of time. This is dangerous as an attacker could
- access my files during the process. »*
+ - Integrating VeraCrypt in Tails will prevent dangerous behaviors:
+ *« **I need to be able to open TrueCrypt file containers in Tails in
+ order to move files securely between Tails and Windows. Right now, I
+ have to copy my files unencrypted between Tails and Windows and this
+ is quite dangerous.** »*
- Definition of the scope of our work:
@@ -409,7 +414,6 @@ techniques that they mentioned or if they only heard of them.
<a id="scope"></a>
Scope of our work