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Autostart Iceweasel with the GNOME session.0.6-rc3
This workarounds the "Iceweasel 1st page is not loaded" bug.
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@@ -2,3 +2,11 @@ When starting iceweasel for the 1st time under 0.6~rc2, the home page (or any
page given at the command line) is not opened, but about:blank.
If iceweasel was started once, then everything goes well.
+> This is now workaround'ed by autostarting Iceweasel with the GNOME
+> session: this way, clicking on a link found in one of our desktop
+> notifications / warnings, or on the T(A)ILS documentation desktop
+> icon, really opens the wanted page. OTOH, this first Iceweasel
+> instance doesn't load the page, but as we are
+> considering removing it I guess we can nevertheless tag this bug
+> [[!taglink pending]].