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Simplify some contribute tasks
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@@ -65,8 +65,7 @@ So read on to find out how you can make a difference in Tails.
[[!img software_developer.png link=no]]
<p>Software people with very diverse skills can improve Tails.</p>
- <li>[[Fix a bug|contribute/how/code]]</li>
- <li>[[Implement a feature|contribute/how/code]]</li>
+ <li>[[Work on the source code|contribute/how/code]]</li>
<li>[[Improve Tails by working on Debian|contribute/how/debian]]</li>
@@ -75,8 +74,8 @@ So read on to find out how you can make a difference in Tails.
[[!img system_administrator.png link=no]]
<p>System administrators can contribute to the infrastructure behind Tails.</p>
- <li>[[Run a BitTorrent seed or a HTTP mirror|contribute/how/mirror]]</li>
- <li>[[Improve the infrastructure behind Tails|contribute/how/sysadmin]]</li>
+ <li>[[Run a HTTP mirror|contribute/how/mirror]]</li>
+ <li>[[Improve Tails infrastructure|contribute/how/sysadmin]]</li>
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