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Drop (broken) Thunderbird dedicated SocksPort (refs: #12460)
We use a dedicated SocksPort for the MUA as a trade-off: it gives poorer circuit isolation than if we used the default SocksPort, but we were ready to compromise on this in order to make POP-before-SMTP work. We've released Tails 3.0 with this change 4 months ago and I've not heard about anyone being harmed by the lack of POP-before-SMTP support, so let's give up on this one and get stronger stream isolation in exchange.
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The client listens on a few SOCKS ports (the rationale being detailed
on the [[Tor stream isolation design
-page|contribute/design/stream_isolation]]): 9050, 9061, 9062 and 9151.
+page|contribute/design/stream_isolation]]): 9050, 9062 and 9151.
Only connections from localhost are accepted. It can be argued
that running a Tor server (onion router) would increase one's