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Adapt the doc to consider SD cards as well as USB sticks
- Rename Tails installer into Tails Installer - Say Tails Installer instead of the Tails Installer - Talk about "USB stick or SD card", or "Tails device" - Device must be of at least 4 GB - Mention that installation does not secure delete old data
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@@ -153,7 +153,7 @@ User interface
A *Configure persistent storage* menu entry is the entry point to the
*bootstrap persistent storage* UI. This UI allows the user to set up
a persistent storage container in the free space left on the USB stick
-by [[our USB installer|usb_installation]].
+by [[Tails Installer|usb_installation]].
Choosing persistence is something *activelly* opt-in, i.e. "I want
this, I read the documentation for related information, then run the
@@ -169,14 +169,14 @@ Setting up a Tails persistent volume means:
* detect the device Tails is running from
* error out if not running from USB
-* error out unless Tails was installed using the USB installer (i.e.
+* error out unless Tails was installed using Tails Installer (i.e.
unless it's running from a GPT partition labeled `Tails`)
* error out if the device Tails is running from already has
a persistent volume
* ask the user an encryption passphrase (welcome bonus: pointing to
the relevant documentation about choosing a *strong* passphrase)
* create a LUKS-encrypted partition on the Tails USB stick
- - uses all the free space left by the USB installer
+ - uses all the free space left by Tails Installer
- labeled `TailsData`
- create a filesystem in the encrypted container
- give ownership on the filesystem to the default Tails user