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@@ -28,10 +28,11 @@ But there are still many ways you can start contributing:
[[ask us for review|contribute/talk]].
- Small fixes and enhancements to the current documentation are
- greatly welcome. This can be done by [[sending us|contribute/talk]]
- Git patches, by publishing a [[Git]] branch, or simply by email on
- the public mailing list. In the general case, this work should be
- based on the `master` branch.
+ greatly welcome. This can be done by sending Git patches to [[the
+ tails-dev mailing list|contribute/talk]], or by publishing a
+ [[Git]] branch (e.g. to a fork on
+ [GitLab]( In general,
+ documentation changes should be based on the `master` branch.
Documentation writers coordinate themselves using our usual
[[development communication channels|contribute/talk]].
@@ -39,6 +40,10 @@ Documentation writers coordinate themselves using our usual
Documentation writers should also read our [[documentation
+New documentation should be wrapped to 80 characters; however, please
+do not submit patches that merely re-wrap existing text, as this makes
+it harder to read the git history.
We recommend you to [[build an offline version of the
documentation|contribute/build/website]] to test your contributions
before sharing them with us.