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+[[!meta title="December 2016 online meeting"]]
+[[!toc levels=1]]
+# Holes on the roof
+Alant is working on the Greeter, so [[!tails_ticket 5318]] is for him.
+# Volunteers to handle important tickets flagged for next release, but without assignee
+After some looking we got 3 tickets assigned:
+- [[!tails_ticket 12015 desc="Upgrade Tor to"]] for intrigeri
+- [[!tails_ticket 7700 desc="Have a distribution mechanism for the revocation
+ certificate of our signing key"]] and [[!tails_ticket 11920 desc="Remove
+ the FAQ on commercial SSL certificate once has Let's Encrypt"]] for
+ sajolida
+# Availability for next month:
+- intrigeri: as usual; plans: a Stretch sprint, 1 invoicing round, and helping
+ people give good input to sajolida for next SponsorS proposal. And attend 60%
+ of the reproducible builds summit!
+- spriver: probably attending CCC, work a bit on #11669 again, and on #11822
+- sajolida: availability: continue with the donation campaign and prepare the
+ OTF concept note
+- alant: I'll be randomly available as usual, but I'll participate to the next
+ Stretch sprint to include the revamped greeter in it, plus help on other
+ topics I'm knowledgeable about
+- emmapeel will have some time for docs
+# Tickets discussed
+## [[!tails_ticket 11884 desc="Document using Tor bridges to work around missing entry guards"]]
+The proposal has some sense, but then we will be providing the information only
+for power users, not for the majority of Tails users.
+As in some months we will actually be able to provide entry guards, then we
+decided to give it a low priority and suggest to put it in "Confirmation
+attacks" on doc/about/warning, mentioning the risk/benefit decision one must
+make about location tracking.
+## [[!tails_ticket 11969 desc="Revisit scrolling settings, Stretch edition"]]
+We decided to rather drop our customisation (as most of the OS are doing natural
+scrolling now) and let GNOME+libinput do what they think is best, i.e. natural
+scrolling in most cases.
+This way we keep reducing our delta with upstream.
+## [[!tails_ticket 12003 desc="Set a warning message in RCs and alpha releases from Tails 3.0 on"]]
+We realised that we were maybe exaggerating when giving ISO images for testing
+to the users, at least for Tails 3.x, and that the ISOs could sometimes have
+bugs and glitches but they are passing all the security tests, at least on the
+Release Candidates (RC) or for example Tails 3.0~alpha1.
+So maybe there are some bugs but not security issues.
+We decided to change the background to grey and add a warning saying:
+"Hey, you are running Tails 3.0 alpha. It is safe to use but might still be
+broken in many ways. Report any problems to" and a grey