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failure screenshots, pcap files and disk images. Defaults to
+* `NOTIFY_USER_COMMAND`: String value. This arbitrary shell command
+ will be executed whenever `pause()` is called, e.g. on test failure
+ when `INTERACTIVE_DEBUGGING` (`--interactive-debugging`) is
+ enabled. This is pretty useful when multitasking with long test
+ suite runs, so you immediately are notified when a test fails (or
+ when you reached a temporary `pause()` breakpoint).
## "Secret" configuration
This section describes the formats for all secret configurations that
@@ -200,3 +207,13 @@ where `$TYPE` is `SSH` or `SFTP`. Secrets must be specified for both `SSH` and
`SFTP`. If `port` is not specified, `22`will be used.
The SSH test expects the remote system to have a default `bash` shell prompt.
+### Icedove
+These settings are required for `icedove.feature`. The format is:
+ Icedove:
+ address:
+ password: trustno1
+The email account's inbox must contain at least one email at all times.