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Automate release process for the Tor Browser.
We also instruct the RM to check the url with https for some added authentication.
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Have a look at
and see if the desired version is available. We prefer
`` since the other sources periodically cleans
-up old releases.
+up old releases. Set `DIST_URL` to the chosen url, and set `VERSION`
+to the desired TBB version, for example:
-Fetch the version's `sha256sums.txt` and `sha256sums.txt.asc`, verify
-with `gpg`, and:
+Fetch the version's `sha256sums.txt` and `sha256sums.txt.asc` and
+verify with `gpg`:
+ wget ${DIST_URL}/${VERSION}/sha256sums.txt{,.asc} && \
+ gpg --verify sha256sums.txt.asc
+Filter the tarballs we want and make them available at build time,
+when the tarballs are fetched.
grep "\<tor-browser-linux32-.*\.tar.xz$" sha256sums.txt > \
-to make the checksums available at build time, when the tarballs are
-fetched. Then update the url to the one chosen above:
+Then update the url to the one chosen above:
- echo "" > \
+ echo "${DIST_URL}" | sed "s,^https://,http://," > \
NOTE: We must use http (not http**s**) due to limitations/bugs in
`apt-cacher-ng`, which often is used in Tails build
environments. However, it is of no consequence since we verify the
checksum file.
+Lastly, commit:
+ commit config/chroot_local-includes/usr/share/tails/tbb-*.txt \
+ -m "Upgrade TBB to ${VERSION}."