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Attribution, by Cris Dobbins.
- [[Graphic Design|]]:
Creative Commons — Attribution, by Cornelius Danger.
+Distribution of the source code
+Most of the software distributed with Tails is taken directly from
+upstream Debian packages, and is not modified or recompiled by
+Tails. Software that is modified or recompiled by Tails are available
+on [[our git repositories|/contribute/git]]. If you require or desire
+the sources for unmodified Debian upstream packages, retrieving them
+from Debian is the simplest solution to all parties (packages that can
+not be found in the regular Debian archive anymore can be found at
+According to the GPL licence (section 3(b) of the GPLv2 and section
+6(b) of the GPLv3), complete sources for all Tails releases are
+available for anyone who requests them, in DVD format, via postal
+mail, for a nominal charge. If you only require one or two source
+packages, Tails can work with you to send a copy of individual
+packages electronically.