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Document where to find the source code of packages shipped in a given version of Tails, using our tagged APT snapshots.
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Most of the software distributed with Tails is taken directly from
upstream Debian packages, and is not modified or recompiled by
Tails. Software that is modified or recompiled by Tails are available
-in [[our git repositories|/contribute/git]]. If you require or desire
-the sources for unmodified Debian upstream packages, retrieving them
-from Debian is the simplest solution for all parties (packages that can
-not be found in the regular Debian archive anymore can be found at
+in [[our git repositories|/contribute/git]].
+If you require or desire the sources for the Debian packages shipped
+in some version of Tails, retrieve them directly from Debian, or from
+the [[APT snapshot|contribute/APT_repository/tagged_snapshots]] we
+created for that version, e.g.
According to the GPL licence (section 3(b) of the GPLv2 and section
6(b) of the GPLv3), complete sources for all Tails releases are