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**The solution to both threats is to shutdown and restart Tails** every time
you're using a new identity, if you really want to isolate them better.
-Vidalia's "New Identity" button forces Tor to use new circuits but only for new
-connections: existing connections might stay open. Plus, apart from the Tor
-circuits, other kind of information can reveal your past activities, for example
-the cookies stored by your browser. So this feature of Vidalia is not a
-solution to really separate contextual identities. Shutdown and restart Tails
+As explained in our documentation about [[Vidalia|anonymous_internet/vidalia#new_identity]]
+and [[Tor Browser|anonymous_internet/Tor_Browser#new_identity]],
+their **New identity** features are not perfect solutions to separate
+different contextual identities. **Shutdown and restart Tails
Tails doesn't make your crappy passwords stronger