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+[[!meta title="Getting started…"]]
+Is Tails the right tool for me?
+1. First, read the [[overview|doc/overview]] page to get a basic idea of what Tails is.
+2. Then read the [[warning|doc/warning]] page to understand **what Tails doesn't protect you
+against**, how you can screw up your anonimity or leave traces.
+3. If Tails is the right tool for you, go on [[downloading|download]],
+[[verifying|download#index2h1]] and [[installing|download#index3h1]] it.
+4. Throughout your use of Tails, it's very important to [[stay up to
+date|download#index4h1]] with security issues and new versions.
+Learning more about Tails…
+- Read our [[user documentation|doc]] to learn more about Tails and how to use it.
+<!-- - Check our [[FAQ]] for a more question/answer approach on the same topics. -->
+- Learn more about Tor, the anonymity network used by Tails on their
+ website: [[]].
+- For a deeper understanding of Tails' specifications and internals, read our
+ [[design document|contribute/design]].
+Found a bug?
+If you found a bug in Tails or want to request a new feature, see our
+[[found_a_problem]] pages.
+Get in touch with us
+[[!inline pages="talk-users" raw="yes"]]