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Use absolute URL in link to /donate
- ikiwiki can't deal with '?' in internal links so we have to use href. - Using a relative URL in href breaks the offline version. - So let's use a full blow URL everywhere:
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@@ -62,8 +62,8 @@ msgstr "[[!inline pages=\"\" raw=\"yes\" sort=\"age\"]]"
#~ "la valeur de Tails. Si vous aimez notre travail, prenez une minute pour "
#~ "maintenir Tails en vie. Merci."
-#~ msgid "<a href="/donate?r=home">Donate</a>"
-#~ msgstr "<a href="/donate?r=home">Faire un don</a>"
+#~ msgid "<a href="">Donate</a>"
+#~ msgstr "<a href="">Faire un don</a>"
#~ msgid "[[!meta title=\"News\"]]\n"
#~ msgstr "[[!meta title=\"Nouvelles\"]]\n"