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Mention checking the known issues before getting deep into BIOS
This is nicer for people not comfortable with editing the BIOS. Conflicts: wiki/src/install/inc/steps/not_at_all.inline.mdwn
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menu does not appear when starting on a USB stick.
It is quite common for computers not to start automatically on a
- USB stick with Tails installed. Here are two troubleshooting techniques. You should try them
+ USB stick with Tails installed. Here are some troubleshooting techniques. You should try them
one after the other.
### Getting to the boot menu
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the USB stick does not appear in the list, then try the second
troubleshooting technique described below.
+ ### Check our list of known issues
+ Similar problems might have been reported already for your model of computer
+ in our [[list of known issues|support/known_issues]].
### Edit the BIOS settings
You might need to edit the BIOS settings of the computer.