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Rephrase bug reporting questions
- Be more explicit regarding the supported installation methods and possible media. - Remove last two question which are already covered by #7.
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1. Which version of Tails are you trying to start?
- 1. Did you verify the ISO image? How?
+ 1. How did you verify the ISO image?
- 1. Which is the brand, and model of the computer?
+ 1. Which is the brand and model of the computer?
1. What exactly happens when trying to start? Report the complete error
message that appears on the screen, if any.
- 1. From which media are you trying to start Tails: DVD, USB stick
- [[installed manually|doc/first_steps/installation/manual]], USB
- stick [[installed with Tails
- Installer|doc/first_steps/installation]], SD card? Keep in mind
- that, we do not support any other installation method than the ones
- listed above.
+ 1. Are you trying to start Tails on a USB stick or a DVD?
+ 1. If you are trying to start on a USB stick, which program did you
+ use to install it:
+ <span class="application">Universal USB Installer</span>,
+ <span class="application">GNOME Disks</span>,
+ <span class="application">Tails Installer</span>, or
+ <span class="command">dd</span> on the command line? Note that these
+ are the only supported installation methods.
1. Have you been able to start Tails successfully on this computer
- before, from another media, or with another version of Tails?
+ before, from another USB stick or DVD, or with another version of Tails?
If so, which ones?
- 1. Does the same media start successfully on other computers?
- 1. Have you been able to start Tails successfully on the same computer
- using different installation methods? For example, it might start from a
- DVD but not from a USB stick.
- 1. What installation method did you use to set up Tails?
+ 1. Does the same USB stick or DVD start successfully on other computers?