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Stop using ambiguous #donate-button
- Change it to a class to be more semantically correct when used as a style on blog posts. - Use a more specific name when used as a button to PayPal on /donate. - Improve the note about .donate-button in local.css.
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@@ -197,5 +197,5 @@ msgstr ""
#. type: Plain text
#, no-wrap
-msgid "<div id=\"donate-button\"><a href=\"\">Donate</a></div>\n"
-msgstr "<div id=\"donate-button\"><a href=\"\">Faire un don</a></div>\n"
+msgid "<div class=\"donate-button\"><a href=\"\">Donate</a></div>\n"
+msgstr "<div class=\"donate-button\"><a href=\"\">Faire un don</a></div>\n"