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+Benefits for partners
+* Your logo will appear in the top section of our partners page:
-* Your logo will appear in the top section of our [[partners page|partners]].
You can decide to be added as soon as we receive your donation or
at the beginning of the following year, if you prefer.
Partners from previous years will still be listed but less visible.
+ If possible, please send us your logo as file, minimum 85 pixels in
+ height, varying width, 72dpi, JPG or PNG.
* Your homepage will be linked from our partners page during the year of
your donation. Our website is very well ranked by search engines and
having your site linked from ours is beneficial for SEO.
Our partners page is linked to from our homepage and donation pages.
* You may advertise your donation to Tails on your website as well as on
social media.
* You can receive up to 5 Tails T-shirts. We do not sell these T-shirts,
they are only given out to partners and individual donors. If you want
T-shirts, tell us which sizes:
- Fit (women): S, M, and L
- Straight (men): S, M, L, XL, and 2XL.