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<a id="new_identity"></a>
-Is it safe to use the new identity feature of Vidalia?
+Is it safe to use the <span class="guilabel">New Identity</span> feature of <span class="application">Vidalia</span> or <span class="application">Tor Browser</span>?
-In our [[warning page|doc/about/warning#identities]] we advice to restart Tails
-every time that you want to use a different contextual identity. The <span
-class="guilabel">New Identity</span> feature of <span
-class="application">Vidalia</span> forces Tor to use new circuits but only for
-new connections. The two main drawbacks of this technique are:
-- The circuits used by connections that remain open might not be changed: for
-example, a circuit used to connect to an open webpage or to an instant
-messaging server.
-- Each application might contain information that can identify you,
-independently of the Tor circuit that are used. For example, the browser might
-contain cookies from previous websites, <span
-class="application">[[Pidgin|doc/anonymous_internet/pidgin]]</span> will reuse the
-same nickname by default, etc.
+In our [[warning page|doc/about/warning#identities]] we advice to
+restart Tails every time that you want to use a different contextual
+identity. The
+[[<span class="guilabel">New Identity</span> feature of <span class="application">Vidalia</span>|doc/anonymous_internet/vidalia#new_identity]]
+forces Tor to use new circuits but only for new connections and the
+[[<span class="guilabel">New Identity</span> of <span class="application">Tor Browser</span>|doc/anonymous_internet/Tor_Browser#new_identity]]
+is limited to the browser.
Tails is a full operating system, so a *new identity* should be thought on a
-broader level than only switching Tor circuits.
+broader level. **Restart Tails instead**.
<a id="truecrypt"></a>