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aka TorVM design document
* JanusVM
-#A promising, alternative solution: Qubes
+# A promising, alternative solution: Qubes
Qubes is Fedora spin off which takes [security by isolation to the extreme]( a Xen hypervizor manages user defined "lightweight virtual machines" or "AppVMs" that isolate user processes, and even certain system-components like the network stack, from each other. Appropriate IPC, file and clip-board sharing supposedly works between programs in different AppVMs.
@@ -269,6 +269,52 @@ New developments in other projects:
> There are many users who would be able to set this up themselves, see [[todo/amd64_kernel]], the virtualisation software can be stored in the persistent storage and installed after booting a tails livecd. As long as the tails kernel supports running virtualisation software, the features in this document can be used today by a great many users
+# Semi-simple solution
+Let's say we [[todo/add_virtualbox_host_software]] to Tails and note
+that a host can start several guests using the same boot media. Hence
+we could add some kind of hook during Tails' boot process that,
+depending on some "magic" parameter set by the host (if any), makes
+Tails boot into specialized profiles (e.g. one that only runs Tor and
+one that runs the GUI stuff). For instance:
+* tor-guest: Boot Tails into a minimal mode (no Xorg etc.) that just:
+ - starts Tor with all its ports listening on the network.
+ - sets an appropriate firewall (only allow inbound traffic from the
+ 'app-guest' vm (see below) to Tor's ports, and only the outbound
+ traffic made by Tor).
+* i2p-guest: Same as 'tor-guest' but adapted for i2p.
+* app-guest: Boot Tails exactly like it's done now except:
+ - it uses the Tor instance running on 'tor-guest' vm.
+ - sets an appropriate firewall (only allow connections to the
+ 'tor-guest' and 'i2p-guest' vms)
+If no such profile is set Tails boots normally. In Tails Greeter we add
+an option called "Use isolation through virtualization" (or similar)
+that when set:
+1. Continues from Tails Greeter to a simple X screen (no GNOME etc.
+ running; only vms are supposed to be run from the host from now on).
+2. Starts a Tails guest with the 'tor-guest' parameter in headless
+ mode. (not sure about the 'i2p-guest' yet since it should start
+ automatically)
+3. Starts a Tails guest with the 'app-guest' parameter in fullscreen
+ mode. This is where the user should interact with Tails from now on.
+Relevant settings from Tails Greeter on the host must be forwarded to
+these guests appropriately, e.g. persistent Tor data dir to
+'tor-guest' and all other persistent directories to 'app-guest' (using
+VirtualBox' shared directories, I guess), and the language settings
+should be set in 'app-guest' etc.
+A fine question, though, is whether there exist something like this
+"magical" parameter I talk about above in VirtualBox. The simplest
+would be if Virtualbox could add stuff to the kernel commandline,
+but I doubt that is possible in any sane way. More likely something
+can be achieved through the guest additions. It seems like the host
+can execute arbitrary commands on guests using `vboxmanage
+guestcontrol execute`, which could be used to alter how Tails boots
+from then on.